About me

Mark O’Neil Translations is NOT an agency, it’s me, Mark O’Neil. This means that I do all the work myself rather than farming it out and taking a commission. My qualifications for this comprise an MA (Cantab) in Modern and Mediaeval Languages from Jesus College, Cambridge and two decades of experience in the translation industry, most of which has been spent in Switzerland. I came here in 2000 to work as an in-house translator in the financial sector before going freelance in 2007.

Finance has continued to play an important role for me since then, but I’ve diversified considerably and amassed a great deal of experience in a wide range of fields from industry and IT to culture and tourism.

The obvious drawbacks to being a sole trader are that I can’t offer a full range of services and don’t have unlimited capacity. This is why my extensive network of professional partners has proven invaluable over the years. Even when I can’t accept a job myself, it’s almost always possible to find a suitable expert who can.